Emerald Home Health is dedicated to providing evidence-based quality care by partnering with great providers. We work with considered partners to make sure that our clients have easy transitional care and are able to keep the highest quality of life in a place that they have chosen.

Our goal is to help people as much as possible through all of partnerships with doctors, hospitals, post-acute care providers, and assisted living communities. We try our best to find the best caregivers for each individual client.

At Emerald Home Health, we strive to personalize our interactions while maintaining positive relations with our partners. Ease of use, availability, time, and communication are important in every relationship, so we give this to our clients, our staff, and our partners. We pride ourselves on making our clients and partners one of our own.

Our history in home health care comes with years of experience. We have a reputation that comes from our team of well-versed members including skilled nurses and caregivers.

We get partnerships because:

  • it lowers the chance of hospital re-admissions
  • we practice transitional care
  • it increases our medical outcomes
  • we start care within 24-48 hours of finding out
  • we specialize in senior care
  • we focus on dementia and Alzheimer’s care
  • we address chronic disease management
  • our team engages in open and on going- communication
  • it increases our customer happiness ratings
  • Emerald has community trust and recognition
  • we have a track record as proven home health care providers

Let’s build something together.

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